Eliminating Debt Collectors

Did you know that you can sue debt collectors for $1000 each time they violate your due process rights? They do it frequently.

Your home should be your sanctuary. But, how can it be a sanctuary when debt collectors keep calling and sending scary letters?

NOTE: When a debt collector sends you letters DO NOT ignore them. They must be answered.

Anyone who has had to deal with debt collectors definitely wants to eliminate them from their life. We can help you put an end to those dreaded phone calls and letters.

I help you STOP debt collectors dead in their tracks, and eliminate them from your life, sometimes even entirely voiding the alleged debt.

When debt collectors violate your due process rights, they open the door to serious legal consequences, including voiding any legal proceedings against you, including Mortgage Foreclosure.

Commentary on the morality of debt: I believe that if we owe, we should repay. The fallacy is that we rarely owe when a collector calls. Stopping their collection activities is not mean spirited when you realize that the collector is trying to get you to pay money that we don’t owe!

If a debt collector calls you, answer the phone. Use one of the following scripts to put an end to his calls.

Thank you for calling. May I have your full name please? Thank you. Please spell your full name for me. Now, (their name) what is your social security number? (After listening to their protest say) I just need to have your identity so I will be suing the correct person if you violate my rights under the fair debt collections practices act.

– or –

Thank you for calling. Do I have a contract with your company? (They’ll tell you they’re call regarding your xyz bill). That’s not my question. Do I have a contract with your company? Don’t ever call me again.

– or –

Thank you for calling. It’s my policy not to discuss legal issues on the phone. I demand that all communication be in writing. If it’s not written, it wasn’t said. Don’t ever call me again.

When they begin communicating by mail, you’ve got something to work with.

Debt Collectors are a pain in the butt. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to eliminate third party debt collectors from your life. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the primary tool we use against debt collectors.

Definition of third party debt collectors: Any party attempting to collect a debt for another business or person, including debt collection firms and attorneys. Yes, attorneys are third party debt collectors, and subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

I’ve been helping people eliminate these nasty people from their lives since 2001. And, I can help you. See the pricing for this service on the “Pricing” page.

How it works: You simply send me a copy of any letters you receive from third party debt collectors. I review them, and write a suitable reply letter for you. I send that letter to you. You must sign it, and send it to the collector by certified mail with a return receipt.

I’m not an attorney. I’m merely a ghost writer for letters that you can sign and send on to debt collectors, to get them to leave you alone.

This website is for informational purposes only and should not constitute legal advice. Consult a licensed attorney for more information.